Icons are all around us. We are guided and informed by them every day. They have been used for tens-of-thousands of years to communicate critical ideas between humans and have even been attributed with mystical power. They are very closely connected to language itself and often fall between picture and letter form. Icons can be combined together to form complex ideas. A well-designed icon can communicate an idea as fast as our minds can think.

More and more it has become necessary to be able to communicate across cultural and linguistic barriers, and to do so quickly. As they have done for millennia, icons are able to communicate critical ideas between humans. From the walls of caves to rocks along common paths to human-computer interfaces, icons carry vital information from one human mind to another.

I love icons. No, I mean, I’m obsessed with icons and have been for about 25 years. It all started with a project in a first year graphic design class in which we had to create three objects in black and white, using only three line weights. I was terrible at it. But I loved the idea so I kept doing it. Then I fell in love with logos and logo design. But clients can be fickle, especially when they are writing the checks and I didn’t like changing my designs to suit their whims. So I was naturally drawn to designing icons because I can design them exactly the way I want.

Over the years, I’ve bookmarked hundreds of websites with cool icon sets on them. I’ve learned a lot from these other designers. Some of them I’ve had the good fortune to meet and befriend. I admire the work of dozens of icon designers. While I’m mostly drawn to black and white icons and symbols, I do love color icons too and may try my hand at them at some point.

This website is intended primarily to catalog the work of any and every icon designer and set I can find. It is intended to be a showcase of high-quality icon designs, a ton of which are free. It is also intended to showcase and promote the designers themselves. And it is intended to be a high-quality resource for anyone interested in icons.

Iconify.info is a project by Scott Lewis of Iconify.it. I wanted to create a site to promote all icon design and designers, not just my own. Rather than focus on individual icon downloads like other directories such as The Noun Project or Iconfinder, Iconify.info lists icon designers, other icon sites, icon resources, and icon collections. Through this site I hope to promote the craft of icon design and to help web, print, and app designers easily find the icon sets and/or designers they need. If you notice a set that is not yet listed, I invite you to use the icon Submission form to suggest a set via a link to its site.

If you are an owner of one of the sets listed on this site, I invite you to help me better represent your work. Please get in touch via the Contact page and let me know how I can better serve you.

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